Although student models can be less expensive, I have been advised by multiple experts that it is best for students to start on a professional model oboe so that they have all the keywork available. Student models are usually missing the low Bb key and the left F key. It is best to learn on a model that has all the necessary keys from the beginning.

Other consideration involve purchasing a plastic or wooden oboe. Wooden oboes are more sensitive to temperature and humidity changes and require more care.

Professional Models

Josef BGS- 1 or 2

Josef MGS- 1 or 2

Loree 125th model

Student Models
Josef NS-1
Fox 330

feather vs swab

Swab the instrument after playing.


Pro tip: Do not pull a weighted swab all the way through the instrument. It can damage the pads and/or key work. Instead use a triangle swab that you pull back and forth through the instrument and then out the bell again or better yet, use a feather. You can find them easily in a craft store.


Polish and dust under the keys.

Make necessary adjustments on screws.


To order an adjustment chart from Supremo, email

Every three months

Oil mechanism


Send instrument to an oboe specialist